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Introducing Startups Forum!


Staff member
I am happy to announce that I've opened the doors to Startups Forum! StartupsForum.net is a community for Startups to connect with advisors, mentors, like-minded startup founders, like-minded entrepreneurs, and all kinds of investors.

Event organizers can post their upcoming startup event and open their event up to people who has never heard of them before. Yes, there are meetup websites, but they don't have a better community system available for startups and investors to communicate back and forth. LinkedIn is worse in this aspect; there is a wall between you, the founder, to the prospective investor. Many deals fall through because of this.

Many startups don't even get into the top 10, or top 5 startups being selected in many of these events held by investors, event organizers, incubators, accelerators, and what have you.

Startup founders can introduce themselves, and introduce their startup - bringing forth their startup in front of other investors whom they otherwise wouldn't take a second look at the startup in question.

Currently, there are fewer startup communities out on the internet right now, and it's a sad, sad picture to be seeing. That's why I've decided to launch my own startup community.