Welcome to Startups Forum!

Hi. Welcome to StartupsForum.net!

StartupsForum is a community of Startup founders, C.E.O’s of Startups, Entrepreneurs, Startup professionals, Angel Investors, Investors, and Venture Capitalists who come together to network, socialize, and collaborate for their next project.

The founding of a startup or company or corporation is no easy feat. It’s not easy to create, grow, or maintain. You have to network with other professionals, or other startups, or other investors to make your dreams come true. We are dreamers who want to make things happen. Whether we’re a founder of a startup, C.E.O. of a company, or THE next big corporation.

StartupsForum welcomes all kinds of startups to the stage to unveil their startup to the world. The crowd chooses the winner of the competition. The winner goes on to close their next fundraising round.

StartupsForum will cover the entire Silicon Valley ecosytem that runs from San Mateo, to San Jose. However, the birthplace of Silicon Valley is none other than Santa Clara.

StartupsForum (www.startupsforum.net) is owned and operated by CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. Founded in 2006 as a website, went on to become a global network of blogs and forums in the video game industry. By July 2015, CarlosX360 reached 700,000 users worldwide, and 1.5+ million pageviews worldwide.